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5 Outside the Box Hobbies to Boost Creativity


If you’re like us, you’re always on the search for new, inspiring hobbies and passions. The world is full of cool stuff, and StorQuest can help you find new fun – and a place to store it. Try your hand at one of these five out-of-the-box hobbies.


Rockhounding is the act of searching for minerals, rocks, crystals, and gemstones in nature. It can be a very rewarding hobby and you can sell your finds, create jewelry out of the stones, or start a collection at home. Research the naturally occurring minerals in your area and try to connect with local groups before you get started. Rockhounding is an off-the-beaten-path type of hobby, because in order to collect, you have to be on public land. That means a lot of the more traversed state parks and federal lands are not on your trip agenda. The best part is you can explore lesser traveled sites and learn more about the area around you while you’re hunting for rocks.


While you’re out rockhounding, keep an eye out for cool critters you might see on your travels. Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. For the photographers out there, animals in their element make for the best subject matter. Figure out what species are out in your area and how to find them. It’s also helpful to know what possible dangerous animals are out and about when you’re rockhounding, camping, or just hiking. It can be a fun hobby, but it’s also useful knowledge for any outdoor enthusiast.

Sidewalk Chalk Artist

If you’re an artist, test out a new canvas. Sidewalk chalk is a unique activity that can work on different levels. Some use the chalk to create optical illusions on the ground, while others use it to create beautiful scenery. Not sure where to start? Pick up some chalk from the store and start scrolling through Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of ideas to get you started on your new artistic journey.


If music inspires you, dive into the world of audiophilia. Audiophiles are interested in high-fidelity sound that can almost perfectly recreate the feeling of a live musical performance. Ditch the Beats and Bose and learn how to engineer your own set of headphones. From there, you can learn how to build your own speaker box. Experience the sound difference yourself while you adept at a cool new skill.


Leatherworking is both a hobby and a trade skill. You can use it to craft your own wallets, bracelets, or belts. The more skilled you become, the more intricate and awesome things you can create. If you prefer to stay animal friendly, there are plenty of vegan leather options out there, including mushroom leather.

Find A Hobby Closet At StorQuest

Out of space at home for more toys? Find a StorQuest in your area and give us a call. Our storage experts can set you up with a hobby closet to fit all your gear, gadgets, and tools of the trade.

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