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5 Outdoor Activities For Relationship Building


Couples who adventure together, stay together. And some action-packed, outdoor activities are an awesome way to strengthen your bond. So for the month of February, invite your favorite person to get out for some fun.

Learning a New Sport

From snowboarding to slacklining, learning something new together is as adventurous as it gets. An activity like this allows both people to be vulnerable with each other. Throw in some hand-holding action for extra balance or helping each another back up after a fall and that’s a relationship win-win.


If you’ve ever been fishing before, you know that sitting in nature’s silence and patiently waiting to reel in a catch can be character building. But when you fish together, you have an opportunity to not only share tips, but to share stories and make memories together.

Watching the Sunrise

This is one of those dates you’ll both always look back on. Find a moment of mindfulness together, sit in the silence, and tell stories while you appreciate the beauty of a sunrise. How often do you just chill in nature with your S.O. waiting for dawn to hit the horizon? Never. So set your alarm, pack some coffee or breakfast in a Hydro Flask, dress warm, and head out for an epic time. Plan a hike up to the top of a hillside with some folding chairs or camp out in the back of your SUV at a lookout point. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the sun is scheduled to rise for the ultimate experience.


Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been together for years, setting up a campsite and sleeping under the stars is an ideal way to gauge how the other person handles being out of their day-to-day element. Putting up a tent, building a campfire, and crashing for the night in a sleeping bag is no five-star resort, but it’s a seriously good time and a great way to get to know another person better. So if you’re ready to do some relationship building, a camping trip is the way to go.


Paddling is one of the best ways to spend time with your S.O. Actively working to reach a destination together helps bring you closer. Synchronized paddling and strategizing your next direction helps build a better bond through communication.

Adventure More With StorQuest

From camping and fishing gear to kayaks and snowboards, StorQuest has your back when it comes to fueling fun. Keep your outdoor gear in one of our conveniently located facilities and just swing by, load up, and be on your way to your next activity in no time.

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