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5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Big Move


Making a big move on a tight budget? We’ve been there. Whether you are moving a few hours away or across the StorQuest has the best tips to help you plan ahead so that you can maximize your moving funds.

Become a Boxing Pro

Box your own stuff, and learn how to do it properly. You don’t want to pack air, but you also want to be careful not to overstuff boxes. Nesting small items in bigger ones is a good start. If you haven’t been keeping computer or TV boxes, you may want to start getting into this habit – repacking these big electronics in their original packaging is a great way to keep them safe.

Don’t pay for boxes if you don’t have to. If your friends, family, or coworkers don’t have any to spare, check local shops (liquor stores tend to have durable boxes) or try sites like The Freecycle Network.

Research Your Options

While you might assume renting your own moving truck is the cheaper option, that isn’t always the case. Get multiple quotes from rental and moving companies alike to make an informed decision. Look at customer reviews and testimonials for a little extra insight into what you can expect. You may also want to consider moving pods or containers.

Negotiate for the Best Deals

Whatever ends up being the most cost-effective option, or even if you go with the more expensive alternative, don’t assume that these rates are fixed. Negotiate. Compare the companies with their competitors. If your preferred choice is more costly, see if they’ll meet their competitors’ pricing.

Ask about discounts. If you have the option, move during the off-season – you’ll usually get better rates during the winter, the middle of the week, and/or the middle of the month. Check for hidden fees. If the company charges for certain moving materials such as blankets or linens, ask to use your own to waive those additional charges.


Really consider what you want to keep, and what you’re OK with leaving behind. It might be more cost-effective to sell your big sofa and replace it after you move than to bring it with you. Sell unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace. Donate them for a tax reduction. Pass them on to a friend or relative. It may seem hard at first, but letting go of unnecessary items will be a big relief!

Ship It

Have a bunch of books? USPS might help you save some valuable moving space in your moving truck at an affordable rate. Media Mail, also known as book rate, allows you to mail up to 70 pounds per box, shipping items such as books, computer media, and manuscripts. 

Enjoy Your Journey

Epic adventures make life interesting. That’s why StorQuest makes storing your adventure gear simple and convenient. Find a StorQuest location near you and see how you can make room for more awesome.

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