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5 Healthy Habits for a Happy Life


At StorQuest, we’re all about good vibes and making the most of our days. Here are a few helpful habits you can put in place for a happier, well-rounded life.

1) A Clutterless Home is a Clutterless Mind

We get it – when life gets busy, sometimes our home comes second to everything else. But it doesn’t take much time to add a little Marie Kondo decluttering magic to your house each day. Split your home into sections and dedicate a specific day of the week to tidy it up for 10 minutes. By staying on top of the little things, you’ll feel productive and accomplished. A few helpful hints:

  • Sort through & recycle junk mail right away instead of letting it build up.
  • Invest in organizers
  • Put your seasonal items into self storage.

2) Getting on a Sleep Schedule

Your body deserves more than just a great night’s sleep here and there! Getting in the habit of a consistent sleep schedule is one of the best things you can do. A routine helps increase your focus, energy, and productivity. Have a hard time hitting the hay at night?

Try out a few of these apps:

  • Space – We all know that blue light and bedtime don’t mix. This app is designed to change your behavior around the use of your phone, encouraging you to put it down and lean into the important things in life – like catching Z’s!
  • Headspace – Meditation can make the difference for your sleep. Customize your zen experience for as little as just five minutes and quiet your mind – you’ll be drifting off in no time.

3) Master the Art of Mobility

We run, bike, surf, ski, hike, and move our bodies all day long. In order to continue doing the activities we love, we have to place the same amount of importance on recovery as we do training. Mobility work maintains the health of our joints and muscles. It’s basically a big THANK YOU to your body after a big day on the water, mountain, or wherever your adventures take you. There are a bunch of tools you can use to loosen up and regain range of motion – foam rollers, lacrosse balls, massage bars.

4) Make Food a Priority

Keeping up on nutrition, fueling your body, and making food a priority can make all the difference in your mood, productivity, and your fitness. To make sure you’re not scrambling for the easiest options or skipping meals, find a day for shopping and meal prep. Use grocery or meal prep services to make cooking a breeze. Don’t feel like you need to prep every single meal, either – think about the busiest parts of your day and set yourself up for success during those times.

5) Take Time for You!

It seems to be all about the grind these days – working at full capacity day in and day out. When you choose to dedicate time to yourself each day, you’ll notice a huge difference in the quality of your work, your motivation, and your mood. It doesn’t take much – maybe it’s listening to your favorite podcast at night or planning for your next weekend exploration. Whatever it is, give yourself some intentional time to decompress, dream, and relax.

Happy Looks Good on You

We believe that self storage is something to enjoy – a tool that works for you to make life simpler and more convenient. Find a StorQuest location near you and see how storage can put a smile on your face.

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