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5 Eco-Friendly Surfing Tips For A Sustainable Summer!

Stay stoked and surf green with our ocean-loving tips to guide you toward a more sustainable surfing lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Surfboards

Eco-surfboards are a fast-growing trend in the surfing community. From upcycled and recycled materials to 3-D printed designs, there are numerous eco-friendly options available. In celebration of International Surfing Day, StorQuest partnered with green board builder Ry Harris, Sustainable Surf, and our longtime ally SeaTrees to give away an environmentally friendly board. This eco-board was crafted from discarded Wavestorm boards, bio-epoxy resin, and upcycled fin boxes, showcasing the pinnacle of sustainability and innovation in adventure sports.

When it's time to shop for a new board, support brands and surfboard crafters like Ry Harris that practice upcycling, recycling, sustainable sourcing, and environmental conservation. Also, look for certifications like B Corp, Fair Trade, and 1% for the Planet.

Neoprene-Free Wetsuits

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is by selecting eco-friendly surf gear. Traditional surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories often contain non-recyclable materials and harmful chemicals. Patagonia's eco-friendly Yulex wetsuits are made from 100% neoprene-free materials harvested from natural rubber tree forests that are protected by certification bodies PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Don't Forget To Recycle Your Wetsuit

When a wetsuit reaches the end of its useful life, you'll notice signs like the neoprene becoming brittle, the lining starting to delaminate, or holes appearing. Instead of throwing it away, consider recycling it. Some companies upcycle wetsuits into yoga mats or use them as filling for boxing punch bags. Pretty cool, right?

Petroleum-Free Surfboard Wax

Board wax may seem like a small thing, but according to the ISA (International Surfing Association), there are between 20 and 35 million surfers worldwide! If everyone uses petrochemical-based wax, it's clearly going to impact our oceans. The good news is that non-toxic, eco-friendly options are available. If your local surf shop isn't already selling ocean-friendly waxes, ask them to check out Matunas, a California company using local organic ingredients, and Surf Organics, which has worldwide distribution—choosing a sustainable choice for your surfboard wax is easier than ever.

More Eco-Friendly Surfing Tips

As fellow surfers, we respect our direct connection to the sea. By making sustainable choices when it comes to gear and accessories and doing things like reducing plastic waste and practicing ocean-friendly surfing, we can help preserve the beauty and health of our beloved surf spots, ensuring that the beautiful blue waves we ride today will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. Avoid single-use plastic items and opt for reusable items like water bottles, utensils, and food containers. To find reef-safe sunscreen that helps prevent harmful chemicals from entering the ocean, check out the Coral Reef Alliance for ingredient lists and more information on reef-safe options.

Store Surfing Gear And More With StorQuest

Let's make this summer a time for adventure and a season of sustainability. Whether you're chasing the next big wave or exploring close to home, you can trust StorQuest to keep your belongings safe. Catch you on the waves!

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