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5 Awesome Surf Spots Near Central Florida


Central Florida may not be top of mind when it comes to surfing, but it should be. Florida offers epically consistent waves and one fantastic surf spot after another. Here is StorQuest's listing of awesome surf spots you should add to your bucket list.

Sebastian Inlet

We'd be remiss to not include Sebastian Inlet. It's StorQuest Ambassador Kelly Slater's home turf. This is the spot where Slater first learned to stand on his surfboard and read the waves before taking it further. Sebastian Inlet is also known for great conditions – a surf spot locals refer to as a swell magnet. Add in that these swells roll through year-round and are best at low tide, and you have no reason not to head here on your next surf sojourn.

Cocoa Beach Pier

Here, enjoy the vibrant and committed surf scene, which makes this stretch of beach a busy place. But Cocoa Beach Pier is worth the effort. Waves line up on both sides of the pier and offer a deep wave break, which guarantees there is plenty of space for you and swimmers to enjoy the clear Florida waters together. While you are here, swing through the local Ron Jon Surf Shop – this is where the iconic brand and store got its start.

Daytona Beach Pier

Another great spot to take in the East Coast surf culture, Daytona Beach Pier features routine swells and a sandy bottom. This is also a long boarder's favorite because the waves peel slowly and stack up well. If you are new to surfing, this stretch of Central Florida offers perfect surf to get the knack and get hooked on riding waves.

New Smyrna Beach

Surfer magazine ranked New Smyrna Beach in the top five surf towns in 2017, and not much about this spot has changed. In fact, an old-time surfing culture resides here. Drive right up on the sand and park for your surf session. The north swell produces some decent sets and makes for a fun afternoon. But take your time and be cautious, as sharks have been sighted here.

Spessard Holland

While during summer Spessard Holland sees its fair share of flat water, the rest of the year it is a great spot to experience steep waves, especially when the deep trough sweeps past the sandbar. Another reason to surf here – it’s rarely crowded.

The Inside Line

StorQuest is committed to helping make more room in your life for awesome. Reach out to our friendly team today and get on board with us!

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