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4 Ways to Downsize Your Space & Upgrade Your Life


A clutter-free home is a clutter-free mind. At StorQuest, we are all about making room for brand-new adventures. If your home is starting to feel a bit cramped – or has been for some time – check out our handy guide to get you started downsizing your space to upgrade your life.

Start Small

Depending on how much you have to sort through, downsizing itself can be a Herculean task that requires a lot of time and effort. But you don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t even have to do it all over a single weekend. Take it one room at a time, one item at a time. Give yourself the opportunity to think about what you really need. If you’re a deadline-driven person, set a timeline on what you aim to accomplish and by when. You’ve got this.

Be Decisive

Many of us form attachment to our belongings. This can make it challenging to let go of items that serve only to take up valuable space, space you could otherwise use to make room for more awesome in your life. To overcome those challenges when you’re sorting through your stuff, consider categorizing each item into three groups: what stays at home, what goes in the discard pile, and what you can keep in storage. Don’t have a “maybe” pile. It’s OK to reminisce about the memories you have attached to certain objects, but you should center your choices on rejuvenating your life. Old photographs and family heirlooms aside, if you haven’t used a certain item in a year or more, chances are you won’t be using it this year or the year after that.

Gift, Donate, Sell, or Repurpose

Your “discard” pile doesn’t have to be a “trash” pile. While you may no longer have a need for your old surfboard or a watch you no longer wear, it might be of use to someone else if it’s in good condition. Donating, gifting, and selling your stuff is not only an easy and potentially lucrative way to downsize your home, but it can also give you a positive feeling knowing that your old things have a new life in fresh hands.

Alternatively, you could try making something new out of what you have. There are plenty of ways to repurpose old items by transforming them into something extraordinary – be it something creative, something functional, or both. Have fun with it!

Use Your Self Storage Space

Having a self storage unit is a great way to keep all the things you use but don’t need so frequently that you need it in your home. Whether that’s camping gear or seasonal decorations, having a dedicated storage space becomes a secure extension of your home. Your stuff will be there when you’re ready for your next adventure.

Be You. Be Awesome.

Trust your intuition. You know what you need to optimize your space and be your best self. Be sure to check out the StorQuest blog for more storage and organizational tips as well as awesome travel ideas.

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