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4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Summer (Amidst a Pandemic)


Summer is finally here and, while it may not feel the same as last year, the next couple of months still offer the opportunity to live big – even in the midst of a pandemic. At StorQuest, we’re feeling that same urge to get outdoors and do something awesome. Check out these four ideas to spruce up your summer.

Plan Something Big

While this summer is already upon us, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next summer. Because you have the time, consider putting together something big – like a kayak expedition of Glacier Bay or a thru-hike of the John Muir Trail. Consider an extended vacation traveling through a number of countries – like Berlin, Germany, to Tallinn, Estonia. Now is the time to research – everything from logistics and on-the-ground contacts to figuring out what you’ll do once you get there. The best part about planning for something epic is ensuring you build in time for plenty of awesome moments.

Do Something Little

Commit to doing some little each day to help change your perspective on summer. Get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk or run. Take a camera along and try to capture how today’s morning differed from yesterday. Commit to something every day that makes you feel good – like spending time with friends, reading that book on Australia you bought last summer, or contemplating how to be more productive and use time wisely so that summer days feel longer and better than before.

Learn Something New

Learning new things keeps the brain active and the mind engaged. Especially as we begin to get out and try to recapture a life that looks more like normal. Take an online class in something totally unrelated to your work, like Harvard University’s free course on the Pyramids of Giza: Egyptian Art and Archeology. Or develop your confidence in Spanish or French using any number of apps designed to teach conversational language quickly. Invite friends to join you and plan to have dinner once a week to practice.

Do Something Surprising

Sometimes it’s enough just to get out of your comfort zone. Feeling a little bit awkward, scared, or excited beyond the norm could be just the ticket to adventure you need. Try skydiving or ax throwing. Attempt a feat you know will challenge you but is totally within your skill set, like hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim or summiting Mount Whitney in a day. The key is to do something that is so surprising your crew will want to sign on to your next adventure, even if you have nothing planned.

The Key to Summer Is You

Really, what it boils down to is you when it comes to having an epic time this summer. So maybe your vacation plans got canceled or postponed, or you prefer to stick to adventures closer to home – we get it. At StorQuest, we believe every little thing can be epic and awesome, and we are here to support you and keep your gear ready. Use your StorQuest unit as your home base while you head out on your awesome summer explorations. Ready, set, #MakeRoomForAwesome!

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