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10 Tips to Maximize Space in Your RV or Boat


Heading out for a big adventure? StorQuest Self Storage is here to help you efficiently organize your RV or boat. Check out our 10 tips to maximize your space before you hit the road.

Bring Only What You Need

When you’re working with limited space, you have to consider what it is you really need during your trip. Before you set out, plan your route so you know exactly what tools and materials your journey requires – and how much of it. Keep a running list and begin prepping.

Think Small. Dream Big.

You can find a lot of camping-specific kitchenware that’s compact by design. Collapsible bowls, measuring cups, and spoons will help you save space. And don’t forget about investing in a collapsible table. Keep your condiments, toiletries, and more in smaller, reusable bottles and containers.

Keep it Compact

Take those smaller containers, collapsible kitchenware, and any other odds and ends, and put them in bigger containers while they’re not in use.

Divide It Up

Dividers help you keep your drawers and cabinet space in order. Tackle boxes come with built-in dividers, and can be great for safekeeping permits and other documents, sunscreen, and additional first-aid supplies.

Use Wall Space

Command hooks are easy to install and useful for hanging up everything from brooms to windbreakers. You can also find self-adhesive paper towel holders to stick underneath cabinets, saving you precious countertop space.

Over-the-Door Organizer

Over-the-door hanging wall organizers are yet another easy way to help you save room and stay organized. They’re so simple to use, yet essential to exploit every inch of otherwise unused space.

Roll-Up Drying Rack

Time to wash your dishes? Keep your counterspace clear with a roll-up, over-the-sink drying rack. When you’re not using it to air-dry your wares, this multipurpose tool can serve as a colander to help you prepare produce before you head out for a big day.

Stuff It Away

Not in use? Keep it out of sight. Blankets and pillows can go underneath your kitchen table or couch. The laundry basket can sit in the shower. Identify every neglected nook and cranny – it’s prime real estate for idle gear.

Install an Under-Cabinet Drawer

Need more space? With a little know-how, you can install an under-cabinet drawer. If you’re bringing a standard table, you could also install an extra storage space underneath it.

Get More Space

If you still don’t have the space for everything you need, self storage can help. StorQuest facilities are ideally located near life’s biggest adventures. Load up all your essential gear and quickly swing by when you need to grab a bag and go.

Explore More With StorQuest

Need a place to store your big toys? StorQuest facilities offer a place to keep your favorite investments between adventures. Find a facility near you and start living life out loud!

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