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10 Tips for Moving in the Rain or Snow!


We know that moving can be stressful at any time – but throw in a little rain, snow, or other treacherous weather and it can feel like a recipe for a disaster. The good news is, we’ve done the research for you and have narrowed down the top ten tips for moving in the snow or rain.

It’s All in the Prep-Work

You’ve checked the weather forecast every day for the ten days leading up to moving day. As each day inches closer, the chances of snow get higher. As much as you can try to plan a move around favorable weather, sometimes there is no getting around Mother Nature.

1. Invest in High-Quality Furniture Covers

Furniture is often the most vulnerable when it comes to moving in wet, cold temperatures. Invest in some good furniture covers to protect items like couches, beds, linens, furniture, and other pieces that may be exposed and susceptible to water damage. The minimal cost of furniture covers far outweighs damaging expensive or meaningful furniture. Trust us, you’re going to want a couch to lay on after your move. Protect it with this handy option.

2. Protect Your Electronics

Your electronics cost a pretty penny – you wouldn’t want to risk damaging them, would you? Wrap appliances and electronics in large bags or tarps, and do your best to try to transport them when it’s not raining. Keep all cords secure, and ensure everything is dry before connecting to power.

3. Line Your Boxes

While cardboard boxes can generally withstand light rain, it is important to take extra precaution when transporting them. It’s a good idea to line the inside of boxes – trash bags are inexpensive and perfect for this. That way, you can ensure everything stays dry, and it even makes the unpacking process easier.

4. Reinforce Weak Boxes

Weak boxes are one thing, but weak boxes that get wet are another. Reinforce your boxes with plenty of packing tape, securing all sides, and corners especially.

5. Label Vulnerable Items

Make it easy on yourself and those helping you by labeling your boxes. For example, if you have a box of items that absolutely cannot be exposed to moisture – like photos –label the box as “Keep Dry”. Similar to “Fragile”, this will alert the mover to take extra precaution when transporting the box.

It’s All About Comfort

Beyond the prep work, you need to start thinking about the day of your move, and make sure yourself and others are as comfortable as possible.

6. Have Hot Drinks on Hand

Ok, this one is not a necessity, but it’s pretty high up there. What’s the best way to warm up in between loads? A hot beverage, of course! Coffee, hot chocolate or tea are all tasty beverages you can have on the go. Insulated cups are perfect for this occasion – we recommend these.

7. Dress Appropriately

It is important to wear the right footwear – you don’t want to risk slipping or falling while carrying items. And of course, if the temps are cold and wet, a rain jacket will come in handy. If it is really icy, you may even want to consider wearing a pair of Yaktrax that provide traction while walking in snow and ice.

Moving Day

The day has come. You’re prepped for wet weather conditions, you’re in the right mindset, and you’ve got the right gear on. So now what? There are still a few things left to do to make moving day a breeze…

8. Clear a Path

If there is snow on the ground, the first thing you need to do is clear a path from both destinations you will be moving to and from. Make sure to have a shovel and some ice melt on hand to help clear the way, before snow turns to ice.

9. Protect Floors

Protect the floors of both your current space and new one. Moving in wet weather can wreak havoc on flooring. Place tarps or drop cloths along the most commonly walked pathways to deter from tracking dirt, mud, or water in.

10. Have a Backup Plan

Possibly the most important tip we can offer you is to have a backup plan in case things go awry. Hire movers if needed. Delay a day if you can afford the time. Be flexible with plans.

No Matter the Weather, Have Fun!

Regardless of your circumstances, make the most of moving in undesirable weather. Know that there is an end in sight, one that is full of new opportunity and adventure. For all of your storage needs, StorQuest Self Storage has everything you WANT, from a variety of unit sizes and options to exclusive features and prime locations – every season of the year!


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