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10 Tips for Camping Out This Summer


At StorQuest Self Storage, we love nothing more than outdoor adventures – and there’s no better way to live big in the wilderness than with a camping trip. Make your summer explorations awesome with these 10 tips for camping out.

1. Do Your Research & Make a List

Before you go, it helps to know where you’re going. Start preparing for your summer camping adventures early by filling out your destination wish list. Research the best spots and different ways to enjoy the outdoors in your area and fill it up. This will not only help you hit up all the places you want to explore, but it will keep you organized and ready to go for those last-minute adventures. You’ll always know where to go. 

2. Look Off the Beaten Path

Often it’s the lesser known spots that are the best. Yeah, that national park you’ve always wanted to visit is pretty epic, but that secret Forest Service or BLM camping area off your favorite lake or river can be just as amazing. Sometimes, you just have to break out the backpack and hike a little to find the best spots. Be sure to refer to a map to make sure you’re camping in an authorized area and to take all the proper precautions if you stray too far off the grid.

3. Plan Ahead

Chances are you will have a few popular destinations on your summer camping list. That’s totally fine – they’re popular for a good reason. If so, plan ahead! Campsites can be hard to come by at places like state and national parks and often require advance reservations. 

4. Gear Up

Stock up on the camping essentials and keep it all packed up and ready to go between adventures. Consider getting a plastic bin or two for all your gear and keeping it consolidated in one place – be it a closet, corner of the garage, or even a StorQuest self storage unit. That way, you’ll easily be able to pack up what you need and hit the trail. Here’s what your list might include:

  • Backpacks

  • Tent

  • Sleeping bags

  • Mattress pads

  • Camping chairs

  • Fire starters

  • Matches

  • Camping stove

  • Cups, bowls, plates & utensils

  • Flashlights & lanterns

  • Pocket knife

  • Water filter

  • Power banks

Pro tip: As you stockpile gear, always keep compactness in mind. There are so many great products out there that pack super light – everything from mess kits and stoves to tents and sleeping bags.

5. Stay Safe

Back to that gear list: Don’t forget the stuff that helps keep you safe. Be sure to pack things like a first-aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, and bear spray. Know what types of wildlife you might encounter and what to do if you encounter them. 

6. Mind Your Meals

Whether you’re planning full-blown cookouts or you’ll get your calories from granola, jerky, or freeze-dried foods, plan ahead. If you are doing some heavy cooking, map out your meals and ingredients ahead of time so you can be sure to pack everything. You can even pre-prepare food before you go (like chopping vegetables or fruits, marinating meat in a zip-close bag, etc.).

7. Leave No Trace

Do your part. Make sure to pack out whatever you bring into the wilderness. 

8. Prepare for the Weather

You never know what the weather might throw at you. As you pack, be ready for rain, cold, heat, and, in some high-elevation areas, even snow. Don’t forget to pack tarps and your tent’s weather guard. Be sure you have a raincoat or puffy jackets on hand – there are plenty of great ones out there that pack tight and light into a stuff sack.

9. Embrace Van Life … or Camper Life

Get in on the van life craze! With a little ingenuity – and lots of help from YouTube videos – you don’t have to break the bank to craft the ultimate adventure van. A built-out van opens the door to endless exploring. You could also go the trailer route. There are even some amazing teardrop camper trailers out there that aren’t as expensive as you think. Best of all, you’ll always have a place to park your outdoor toys thanks to StorQuest

10. Live Big!

Don’t forget to have fun and live in the moment. If the past year’s taught us anything, it’s that we should be squeezing as much adventure out of life as possible at all times. You never know what tomorrow might bring, so be sure to live big today.

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