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A woman standing on a tree stump in a dusting of fresh snow in Monument Valley

10 Essentials for Cold Weather Travel


Whether you’re shredding or sledding, biting temps and freezing winds shouldn’t stop you from having an awesome adventure in cold weather. StorQuest’s list of its 10 essentials sets you up for an epic winter experience. Use our lineup to brave the cold and enjoy your day.

A Puffy Jacket is Key

Planning an epic day in the cold is all about staying warm. That’s where your puffy jacket comes in. Whether your puffy’s warmth is drawn from down feathers or synthetic materials that add plenty of loft, this style of jacket is the old standby. It’s stellar at keeping the core warm and easily packs away into an interior pocket.

A Favorite Hoodie

It’s possible to be warm and look good, and your favorite hoodie is just the right layering piece. Choose a hoodie made from material that is breathable and you have the key foundational clothing accessory for a day of meaningful adventures outside.

A Beanie

Just like your core, your head needs to stay toasty in cold environments. Only, unlike the core, it doesn’t have the insulating fat of your center. It’s possible to experience a 50% loss of body heat through your head, which triggers other sensitive areas of the body to feel cold – like your hands and your feet. A warm beanie is your essential item to enjoy time outside this winter and gives you the bonus opportunity to colorfully express your own personal vibe. 

Screen Touch Gloves

Similar to wearing a hat to stay warm, gloves are protective of your skin and the dexterity of your hands, ensuring you’re able to maintain unhindered finger function. Choose a glove that features a screen touch pad to make sure you’re still able to capture those Instagram-worthy moments without having to subject your bare hands to the elements.

Cold Weather Boots

Not all boots are created equal. For cold weather, boots that are insulated and set up for adventurous pursuits are your best option. Look for insulation that is light but packs a warm punch and tread that offers performance and grip, such as the KEEN HooDoo boot and the Sorel Caribou lace-up.

Sunscreen & Lip Balm

Don’t overlook the details – like adding a protective layer to your body using clothing, hats, and gloves, using sunscreen and lip balm ensures your face is sheltered from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, and dry conditions. Plus, the unique reflective quality of snow makes it even more necessary to apply sunscreen and lip balm before you head out (and then reapply often and throughout your day).

Food & Water

Staying fueled and hydrated is the secret to performing well. So, whether you are slashing the side country at your favorite resort or snowshoeing past one awesome vista after another, pack snacks that will taste good even when you’re not hungry and carry enough water to make up for your sweaty and not-so-sweaty efforts.

Waterproof Rolltop Backpack

Having a weatherproof rolltop-style backpack is a great way to carry extra clothing, food, and water, and keep them dry. Check out fan favorites Chrome Industries Bravo and the Fjallraven Ulvo waterproof, rolltop backpacks – both are built to carry your stuff with adventure in mind.

Portable Charger

Even with the sun shining, cold weather will zap the charge in your phone, GPS, and Bluetooth device. But there’s no need to sweat the details when you have a power source. Try a light and compact portable charge like Goal Zero’s Flip series to take your day from simply amazing to epically awesome.


You never know when your awesome winter summit will run into twilight. Having a headlamp handy to navigate your way back to the trailhead is your way to ensure that you get to enjoy that celebratory craft brew you buried in the snowbank.

Life is One Epic Adventure

At StorQuest, we’re here to make sure you make the most of your adventures. Find a storage location near you and see how you can make room for more awesome.


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