Self storage features for a variety of needs in Phoenix

Self Storage Security Amenities

A great storage experience comes down to great service, convenient storage units, and professionally designed security features. At StorQuest Self Storage, we offer the very best of all three. Here’s what you need to know about self storage security amenities and how they shape your overall storage experience.

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What Security Amenities Should I be Looking for?

The best security amenities in a self storage facility offer both superior protection and easy access for the renter. Here’s what we recommend focussing on while shopping for a well-protected storage facility:

  • Solid Doors with no Visible Gaps
  • Clean, Dry Hallways & Units
  • 24-Hour Security Monitoring
  • Digital Surveillance System
  • Electronic Gate Access
  • Motion Detecting Lights
  • Fully Fenced Perimeter
  • Covered Loading & Unloading Areas
When Should I Research the Security Amenities of the Storage Facility?

The time to research a prospective storage unit is right now. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time to find the best storage facility in your area. Start by looking for a facility that’s conveniently located based on where you are and where you want your things to be. Then, checkout the online reviews and testimonials for the facilities that might work for you. Most facilities will list their security features on their websites, but you can also call or tour a facility to learn more.

What Does a Secure Storage Facility Look Like?

The kind of storage facility you can trust will be clean and well maintained, ideally with an onsite manager or staff who can answer your questions. Be wary of things like pooled water, even in small amounts, which can indicate issues with the ventilation, HVAC system, or ceiling. Any sign of rodents or vermin are also cause for concern, and may be indicators that your belongings will be better protected elsewhere.

Cost vs. Security

When it comes to renting a storage facility, the golden rule stands true: you get what you pay for. Lower-cost facilities will likely offer the lowest level of security features, so their budget prices may come with hidden costs if their minimal security fails to protect your stored belongings. On the other hand, investing in a professional facility with high-end security amenities is an investment in your peace of mind and your future.

To learn more about the security amenities available at StorQuest storage, explore the facility nearest you.