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Moving to Phoenix Guide

There’s a reason snowbirds and desert-sage lovers flock to Arizona when cold, wet weather puts a damper on adventuring — and it’s not just for the sunshine and blue skies, although they do certainly help. Recent years have seen an exciting boom in Arizona’s arts and culture scenes, craft brewing, artisanal goods, and culinary worlds, while still maintaining their status as a mecca for outdoor recreation. The trusty travel pros at TripAdvisor recently ranked Phoenix and Sedona among the top 20 destinations for winter travel in the U.S.

While many are content to visit the breathtaking desert mesas and arroyos as tourists, those looking for a permanent change of scenery are moving to this sunny state in search of year-round adventure. Here’s our handy guide for moving to Arizona, courtesy of your friends at StorQuest.

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Items to Consider when Moving to Another City

What to Take & What to Sell

Packing for a move is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming part of relocating to another city. Deciding which items you want and need to take, and which items you should try to sell or donate will help you lighten your load and make the move a lot easier. Here are our tips for deciding what goes with you and what just goes away.

Take with You:

  • Your daily essentials. Start by packing an overnight bag with a couple changes of clothes and your toiletries to keep with you for easy access.
  • Clothing you will wear in your new home city. Unless you’ll be traveling for winter getaways, you can probably get rid of bulky parkas in favor of lighter coats and jackets for life in Arizona.
  • Your favorite housewares and furnishing that will fit in your transport vehicle(s).

Sell high-end and undamaged clothing, furniture, and housewares that you no longer use.

Donate lower-end items that are still in good shape and usable by another person.

Throw Away or Upcycle anything broken, torn, or otherwise damaged, as these items are not needed by thrift stores. Only upcycle items you can easily repurpose now, before the move, such as turning old clothing and towels into wash rags.

Need help deciding what’s worth keeping? Check this blog from One Kings Lane with the top tips for using the KonMari method of decluttering by author and tidiness guru Marie Kondo.

Hiring Help vs. Doing it Yourself

To save time and energy, you can hire a packing company to come to your home and box your belongings for you to transport on your own. This is different from a moving service, which may also offer packing in addition to transporting your things to your new location. Both services can be big time savers, but will also increase monetary cost of your move. These options can be helpful for busy individuals and families, as well as those who need physical assistance with packing and moving.

Temporary Storage of Items

Another option to help make your moving process easier is temporarily storing items while in transition. This is ideal for those who plan to rent a smaller home in their new city, either while waiting to purchase a new home or just seeing if the city is a good fit before putting down roots.

StorQuest offers storage unit rentals in small and major cities throughout the U.S. Visit us today to find a storage unit for rent near you.

Average Costs for Moving

It’s hard to calculate the average costs of moving to a new state, which is why conservative estimates place the number around $5,630, and many companies who pay for employee relocations say it’s more like $12,459. The folks over at U.S. News were kind enough to put together this article about the hidden costs of moving to help you plan ahead and budget wisely. The good news for savvy movers is that the national average rate for a storage unit rental is only about $100 per month, which makes it a cost-efficient option for those in transition who may need some time to plan their perfect move while between homes.

How to Keep Moving Costs Down

The largest factor for the overall cost of your move is distance. While there’s not much you can do to bring two points on the map closer together to save a little coin, you can reduce the amount of stuff you move to effectively lower your overall moving costs. We’ve already talked about what to bring, sell, donate, and throw away before your move, but you can also sell current items you do need and replace them when you get to your new home to save money on moving. Items like furniture and appliances are the easiest to replace and the most expensive to move, so we recommend starting there. Here are a few other tips for keeping your moving costs down.

  • Pack and move items yourself.
  • Ask friends and family to help — you’d be amazed at what the offer of pizza and drinks can do to motivate volunteer movers.
  • If you have multiple cars, safely load them as much as possible and use them to transport. If you plan to sell one of your cars, use it to move first and sell it in your new city if you can.
  • Some moving expenses may be tax deductible. Check out this guide from TurboTax to learn more.
How to Reduce Stress While Moving

  1. Plan Ahead. Doing the upfront leg work of moving will save you a lot of undue stress when the big day finally arrives. We recommend starting with a decluttering project, because a clean house is much easier to pack and organize. Once you know what’s coming with you, it’s time to decide how you’re going to get it there.
  2. Hire a Moving Company or Schedule Time to DIY.  Hiring packing and moving companies can be a big stress reducer, but if you want to do it yourself, sit down right now and schedule out at least two-three hours to organize and pack each room in your home.
  3. Rent a Storage Unit if Needed. If renting a temporary storage unit makes sense for your move, start looking into facilities today, just in case you have to wait for a unit to become available.
  4. Get Excited About Your Move! A new city and home means new opportunities and adventures are ahead. While it’s easy to focus on the stress before you, don’t forget to think about all the things that made you want to move in the first place. Whether its for a new job or just a fresh start in life, your move is the start of a new adventure, so let yourself be excited!

Need more help planning your big move to Arizona? Our onsite moving and storage pros are standing by to lend a hand. Contact us today to get started!