Learn more about our climate-controlled storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Hillsboro.

Climate Controlled Storage in Hillsboro

At StorQuest Self Storage in Hillsboro, OR, you and your belongings come first. In addition to traditional storage units, we also offer climate-controlled options for your temperature-sensitive belongings. These climate-controlled storage units will keep the temperature and humidity levels at a consistent balance year-round. With the hot summers and rainy winters that Hillsboro experiences, our more regulated options will give your belongings the perfect environment they need to remain in the same condition as they arrived.

The Care Your Items Deserve

Here at StorQuest Self Storage, we like to stay ahead of the curve. If you plan to store temperature-sensitive items such as artwork, musical instruments, or wooden furniture, we recommend you check out our climate-controlled storage units for rent. Looking for long-term self storage? These units are an ideal solution when planning to store items for extended periods of time. If you’re unsure of what level of care the items require, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to fill you in. Give your stuff the care it needs and the peace of mind you deserve with help from StorQuest Self Storage’s climate-controlled storage units.

Your stuff matters. So does your journey. Give us a call today to reserve your climate-controlled storage unit in Hillsboro, OR.

Interior of StorQuest Self Storage in Hillsboro, OR