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Reliable Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Thornwood, NY

At StorQuest, keeping your gear in the same condition as it arrived in is our top priority. That’s why we offer both traditional and climate-controlled self storage options. In Thornwood, summers bring the heat and sunshine, while winters bring the cold and snow. Although changes in the weather means different ways to explore the outdoors, it also can affect the items you put in storage. For that reason, StorQuest Self Storage goes the extra mile with climate-controlled storage. While you’re swapping out your kayak for your skis, both the temperature and humidity levels inside your unit will stay at a perfect balance year-round.

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Climate controlled indoor storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Thornwood, New York
Red doors on indoor units at StorQuest Self Storage in Thornwood, New York

We Go Way Above & Beyond

While most of your stuff will be just fine in traditional storage, there are some items that would benefit more from our climate-controlled storage units. Looking for more space for your wine collection? We’ll preserve your batch the right way with help from climate control. Wooden furniture, musical instruments, artwork, and paperwork will also appreciate this type of storage. At StorQuest, you can trust that we’ve got your back no matter what your situation requires.

For more information about climate-controlled storage, give our friendly team at StorQuest Self Storage a call today.