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Air-Conditioned Units in Gainesville

It gets hot in Gainesville, Florida. That’s why StorQuest is here to help ensure your delicate valuables keep cool with air-conditioned storage. These specialty self storage units add an extra layer of protection against the outside elements. Give your temperature-sensitive items the protection they need against heat and humidity with air-conditioned storage.

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Main sign at the entrance of StorQuest Self Storage in Gainesville, Florida
Red doors on outdoor units at StorQuest Self Storage in Gainesville, Florida

What Items Need Air Conditioning?

While many of your belongings will be fine without air-conditioned storage, certain items in particular are prone to damage from heat and humidity. If you or your business plan on storing electronics, paperwork, wood or leather furniture, photographs, instruments, vinyl records, or wine, consider an air-conditioned unit. This will make sure your stuff stays in a controlled environment year-round.

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