Protect Your Stuff

Air-Conditioned Units in Clearwater

It gets hot and humid in Florida. While that’s great for a kayaking trip off the coast, temperature-sensitive items like electronics, wooden or leather furniture, and important paperwork need a little extra protection. The air-conditioned units at StorQuest in Clearwater, Florida, go the extra mile for your most sensitive belongings by keeping the temperature within your unit consistent year-round. That way, your stuff stays in mint condition.

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Climate controlled indoor storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Clearwater, Florida
Red doors on outdoor units at StorQuest Self Storage in Clearwater, Florida

Step Up Your Storage Game

Artwork. Business documents. Your prized guitar. Your closetful of outdoor gear. It’s all a perfect fit for an air-conditioned unit at StorQuest’s state-of-the-art facility off South Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater. Our specialty units come in a variety of sizes and with the same great features you get with a traditional StorQuest unit – 24-hour digital surveillance, 24/7 customer service and support, ground-level units, and more.

Not sure if an air-conditioned unit at StorQuest is the right fit for your stuff? Contact us today for more information and to reserve your unit.