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Climate-Controlled Storage in Denver

Sometimes your priceless items and adventure gear can’t handle brutal Colorado winters and aggressive summers. That’s where we come in. StorQuest Self Storage’s location on Kalamath Street offers top-notch climate-controlled storage that keeps your valuables sheltered in enclosed, consistent environments. That way you never have to worry about extreme weather. The only thing that should be extreme in your life is your desire to make room for awesome.

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Climate-controlled interior units at StorQuest Self Storage in Denver, Colorado
Climate-controlled interior units and windows at StorQuest Self Storage in Denver, Colorado

What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Certain items in particular benefit from the extra layer of protection climate-controlled storage provides. Electronics, musical instruments, artwork, business files, and furniture are sensitive to shifts in weather. Climate-controlled storage keeps the temperature and humidity levels within a safe, consistent range throughout the year.

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