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Climate-Controlled Storage Near Point Richmond

Our Richmond facility near Point Richmond, California, on Canal Boulevard offers stellar storage options for your more sensitive items. Climate-controlled storage maintains temperature and humidity within a specific range to maintain the ideal conditions for valuables like record collections, photography gear, electronics, and furniture constructed with leather and wood. So whether you are looking to store your patio furniture during the offseason or a generation – or four – of family photographs, StorQuest’s climate-controlled spaces are the perfect answer for you.

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Climate controlled indoor storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Richmond, California
Packing supplies in the leasing office at StorQuest Self Storage in Richmond, California

The Ins & Outs of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is a specialized solution for items that are more susceptible to fluctuations in humidity or are sensitive to the heat or cold. These types of units ensure your stuff is kept in an environment with steady temperature and humidity levels. Things that are a good fit for this type of specialized storage include climbing equipment, business documents, and artwork.

Ready to see if a climate-controlled unit is right for you? Swing by our Richmond location off I-580 and talk with one of our onsite storage experts to find out. We’re happy to chat about StorQuest’s storage solutions.