Learn more about our climate-controlled storage units at StorQuest Self Storage in Modesto, California
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Climate-Controlled Storage in Modesto, California

Do you have belongings sensitive to heat and humidity? StorQuest Self Storage’s brand-new, state-of-the-art Modesto facility has the specialty self storage units you need to help keep them in the same shape they arrived in. Climate-controlled storage keeps your unit within safe, stable temperature and humidity ranges to help maintain the condition of your belongings. If you are planning on renting a unit for any extended period of time, you should consider going the extra mile to preserve your stuff.

Is Climate-Controlled Storage Right for You?

Climate control is a great fit for most anything you’re looking to store, but examples of items that benefit most from these temperature-regulated units include musical instruments, important business documents, artwork, furniture, and electronics. They’re also great for your outdoor gear between camping trips or dirt bike adventures. Your stuff matters. So does your journey. Keep it in the same condition it arrived in with a climate-controlled self storage unit at StorQuest.

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Climate-controlled storage at StorQuest Self Storage in Modesto, California