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Beat the Heat, on the Cheap!

Keep your cool this summer without breaking the bank on a vacation getaway or new AC unit.  Before summer heat waves head your way, try these tips your body and budget will thank you for:


  1. Homemade Popsicles: Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing Popsicle. This season, back away from that box of same-old pops. Buy some fun Popsicle molds, pour in your favorite juice or cocktail and enjoy a revitalizing break from the heat.


  1. Slip n’ Slide: Running through the sprinkler isn’t just a fond far off memory, and it’s certainly not just for kids. Grab a hose, a tarp and some soap for a homemade slip and slide that will have your family and friends sliding into summer with a smile and a sun tan.


  1. Go Ice Skating: That’s right! Many ice-skating rinks are open year-round! Search for rinks in your city, and get ready to lace up your skates. Ice skating is an awesome way to keep cool with family and friends on a sizzling hot day.


  1. Hit the Beach: Pack your beach gear and sun tan lotion and hit the shore this summer. Whether it’s the ocean or a nearby lake or stream, enjoy the great outdoors and an invigorating dip in the water.


  1. Spice Things Up: It's no coincidence that some of the hottest climates boast some of the spiciest foods! Eating spicy food actually increases blood circulation, causing your body to sweat more without raising your body temperature. So if you’re a fan of all things jalapeño, go for it! Just add a little kick to your favorite summer foods and you’ll be feeling cool in no time.



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